• Works like Tumblr
    Tumblr is an impressive & very popular platform and now you can replicate that functionality & awesomeness on your WordPress-powered tumblogging site.
  • Publish from your iPhone with Express App
    This theme support the Express App for iPhone, which lets you post images, notes, links and quotes while on the go!
  • Extensive Multimedia Support
    Posting a variety of multimedia elements (images, video, audio, quotes, notes & links) is super-easy to do and the theme handles all of the different “post types” auto-magically.
  • Advanced QuickPress
    Post to your tumblog from your dashboard, using the amazing new AJAX-powered & WooThemes-exclusive QuickPress functionality that is bundled with this theme.
  • Custom Widgets
    The theme has a widgetized sidebar and 7 extra Woo custom widgets (Flickr, Twitter, Adspace, Search, etc).
  • Alternative Styles
    11 delicious colour schemes to choose from, and possible to change color of links and buttons in options panel.

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