Main Menu:
You’ve 5 different color options for your main menu and all colors are constructed by CSS . The dropdown menu is powerd by jQuery for a clean hover effect.

  • Top Menu
  • Main Menu
  • Footer Menu

Are all controlled by the WordPress Menu Feature.

iPad Friendly Sliders
Every page and post a different custom slider? With Firebird you have it all
The jQuery Uno-slider contains unlimited transition animations and a wide range of features. These include touch enabled activation, animated layers (html, images, videos: youtube, vimeo, self-hosted), optimized interface for mobile phones and tablets, dynamic response, and much more.

Colors and Fonts
Firebird comes with a massive set of features, easily available from your Firebird admin panel.

  • 21 Color Pickers
  • 100 Google Fonts Selector with Preview
  • Adjustable Slider Fonts, Headings and Paragraphs fonts.
  • Adjustable Font sizes: Menu, Submenu, Page title, Blog Page title, H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6, Paragraphs, Bottom Menu and copyright.

Theme Styles
Firebird has more than 20 different patterns, which you can use for both your website’s header and footer.

Firebird offers an option to customize the standard WordPress login screen with your own business logo and more…

  • Favicon
  • Logo
  • Menu logo
  • White Admin Label Logo
  • Portfolio Logo Hover effect

Custom Sidebars
Create your own custom sidebars within just a second, which is very handy if you have a lot of content to display.

Blog Features

  • Layout selection: Full width / Sidebar left / Sidebar right
  • Blog Header: Uno-slider / Pattern
  • Blog meta on/off

Portfolio Features
Firebird’s category setup has an option for designing your portfolio. If you choose to place a logo overlay, upload your logo and place it as a hover-effect on your portfolio.

  • Layout selection: Full width / Sidebar left / Sidebar right
  • Portfolio Header: Uno-slider / Pattern
  • Logo Hover effect

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